What is so Special about being a Sponsor?

Sponsorship programs exist all over the world. So, what makes the Tanzanian Children’s Fund’s sponsorship program special?

Our approach to sponsorship is different because we don’t simply aim to cover the financial needs of the children growing up at the Rift Valley Children’s Village, but instead focus on creating meaningful relationships between the children and their sponsors by sharing ample information and correspondence that goes both ways.

The children growing up at RVCV benefit from knowing that someone outside of their immediate bubble cares for them and is rooting for them as they take on each stage of their development. Sponsors are not only some of our best cheerleaders, but they become a part of our extended family.

Over the years, we have found that often times sponsors benefit from the relationship that they build just as much as they child they sponsor. We provide sponsors with regular updates, share major milestones, send photos, and mail notes directly from their sponsored child. Every t-shirt, birthday gift or letter that a sponsor sends is given to the intended child and we are sure to let sponsors know that their generosity was received and often send photos of the gifts being enjoyed. All of which allow sponsors to feel a true and genuine connection with their sponsored child, leading to relationships that last a lifetime.

Here is some proof, straight from our sponsors:

“We will happily continue to sponsor Hosi. Meeting her at last was definitely a highlight of my time at RVCV.”

“Sponsoring Gracie has been a very rewarding experience for me, as well. All of my communications with the TCF family and staff have been very welcoming, supportive, and engaging which reflects the type of environment TCF has created for the children — I feel privileged to be a part of your efforts. I have particularly enjoyed the letters/cards from Gracie and pictures of her and her family/friends at TCF. I hope this aspect of the sponsorship will continue next year, as well. As long as I am financially able to sponsor Gracie and donate to the TCF, I will. Thank you for all you do for the children of TCF and for being an extraordinary inspiration for me and others.”

“We’ve loved being sponsors for Josephat! He is a terrific kid and we were thrilled to get to visit him back in 2007 and again in 2013. It’s awesome to see him growing up into such an intelligent, kind young man. We will definitely renew sponsorship for another year.”

“The primary reason that we continue in our support of Joshua is that we get to see him continue to grow, and we feel like we are able to help him each year (though in a small way). Your program is unique because it is very personal, and you go out of your way to keep us connected with Joshua. This is very important to us and why we continue working with you and with him.”

“I spent many nights and days sitting and caring for Josephat when he was young and his asthma was not managed well. I definitely have a soft spot for him.”