What happens when the children grow up?

This is a question we’ve heard many times, and our answer is always the same:

The Rift Valley Children’s Village is their home, we are their family, and that lasts forever. We—just like many other parents—encourage our children to set out on their own, follow their passions, and do the best they can. As their family, we will support them along the way, through thick and thin.

The journey we began thirteen years ago is now at an exciting new phase. Our oldest children have grown into thoughtful and ambitious young adults who are finishing high school and planning their futures.

When our kids first arrived at RVCV we promised them a safe, loving home. Now we want to promise them that they will have the opportunity to follow their dreams and continue their higher education. We want to say ‘yes’ to becoming a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, a safari guide, or an elected official.

collage3Thank you for helping us as we invest in Tanzania’s next generation of leaders.