Welcoming Adulthood

At the Tanzanian Children’s Fund, we believe that college is key. In a country where unemployment is rampant, ensuring our children are armed with the skills and training they need to successfully enter the job market is critical. 

With our oldest students reaching the end of their educations and launching into adulthood, they are proving just how important it is to earn a post-secondary degree. Learn how just a few of our students are making the most out of this opportunity and how our graduates are able to welcome adulthood with open arms below!

Janeth Daniel – Karatu Advocate Office   

Janeth is currently interning at Luna Law Firm, a private firm in Karatu. She is studying open cases and observing how the proceedings are presented before the court. 

What skills do you hope to develop from this experience?

“I want to learn how to give helpful law advice and to guide witnesses in providing evidence in a fair way.”

Christina John – Dabaldi Hospital – Social Work Department 

Christina is studying Community Development in Arusha, Tanzania. Recently, she began her internship at Dabaldi Hospital’s Social Work Department to develop practical skills and learn more about the challenges facing her community. Christina spends her days listening to and keeping record of people’s statements following domestic disputes. 

What do you hope to become in the future?

“I want to be a Community Development Worker because I want to educate my community and bring changes forward. I hope this experience helps to give me confidence and courage. Not everyone can speak the same language as you; you have to find a way to reach them without fear.”

Victoria Elias – Karatu Primary Court 

In the midst of earning her degree at The Institute of Judicial Administration, Victoria received an offer to hone her skills by completing an internship with the Karatu Primary Court. Helping to manage their case load, Victoria has many responsibilities including meeting with and supporting victims, opening cases, and writing judgments. 

What is your favorite part about your internship?

“One of my favorite things about my internship is listening to the different cases such as divorce and criminal cases at large, so that I can get an idea about how I would solve these cases when I become a Lawyer. I hope to develop skills in problem-solving to ensure equal rights to all people without bias while in court.”

Lucy Julius – Seamstress, Plantation Lodge 

After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, Lucy began an internship at Plantation Lodge in Karatu. After proving her talents and work-ethic, she was offered a seasonal contract. This was a first step in building a name for herself, and she is looking forward to expanding her client base in the year to come!

What is your favorite part about your internship?

“I like to meet new people and to improve upon the skills that I learned in school. It helps to work on different kinds of fabric and projects so that I can become a better seamstress.”