We are just getting started

In 2003, we began pursuing an ambitious dream – help a community of 10,000 find a path out of poverty. Thanks to your continued support, we have made major strides in turning this dream into a reality. By creating a loving home for children and establishing community programs that address the root causes of poverty from all sides, we have achieved unprecedented change. 

But we are just getting started.

Over the next year, we plan to invest nearly $200,000 in new projects and expanded programs in order to continue transforming a generation. 

Here are just some of our plans for 2019 that need your support: 

Launch a Public Health Program

  • Hire a Public Health Director to address mental health and self-care needs
  • Provide trainings to build awareness around community health and wellness 

Support Students at Every Level

  • Host early-childhood education classes for over 30 children from our community 
  • Fund the tuition and fees of 53 students in college, vocational school, and university

Expand Oldeani Secondary School

  • Build more classrooms to accommodate a 20% increase in the number of students enrolled since the start of our partnership in 2014
  • Hire more teachers to maintain an ideal student-teacher ratio of 19:1  
  • Provide housing to recruit and retain teachers of the highest quality despite our rural setting 


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