Volunteering at RVCV: Instead of asking ‘Why?” why not ask “When?”

“I don’t know how to describe the emotional and spiritual attachment that I have to RVCV. I have been there six times, and every time I visit, the genuine smiles and hugs from the children balance me and remind me of all that is good in this world. This is an exceptional place with exceptionally special people.”
–Debby Rechler

Each year, 50 or more people just like you make the journey to the Rift Valley Children’s Village, for what always turns out to be a life-changing experience. For many, the experience is so rewarding that they end up returning again and again.

As a volunteer at the Rift Valley Children’s Village, you wake at dawn to excited voices scattered around your house and fall asleep at night to the last sounds of laughter fading into the  silence of the house. You work hard and play until you’re exhausted. But even on the most challenging days, you are rewarded with smiles on children’s faces, bear hugs, movie-time snuggles and the magic that is the Rift Valley Children’s Village.

This year, volunteers are especially needed in from September – December in 2016, and from January -April in 2017. Volunteers must be 21 years or older and commit to a minimum of three weeks. For more information,  contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kristina Lisica, at volunteer@tanzanianchildrensfund.org.