Volunteer at RVCV



Volunteering at the Rift Valley Children’s Village is a wonderful experience for volunteers, as well as for our children. We usually have 5-10 volunteers at the Children’s Village at any given time and they are crucial to our day-to-day operations as well as achieving the strategic goals of the Tanzanian Children’s Fund. Volunteering involves hard work, going without many of the comforts and luxuries to which you might be accustomed, and throwing yourself into tasks and projects that may be completely new to you.

If you chose to volunteer at RVCV, then you are clearly someone who loves children, thrives in group settings, likes to take initiative, and doesn’t mind getting dirty. Volunteers are assigned to various jobs based on the intersection of their skills and interests and our needs, but are expected to pitch in whenever the occasion warrants. Volunteers are adaptable and flexible, taking on new and challenging tasks, at times learning alongside the kids they are working with.

Our Volunteer Coordinator and our other volunteers will help guide you through your first days until you are comfortable with our routine. Almost immediately you will be rewarded for your efforts by a smile on a child’s face, a group hug, or an appreciative word from other members of the staff. Whatever amount of yourself you choose to give, you will get back tenfold in so many wonderful ways.


At the Rift Valley Children’s Village, our days begin early (6:00 am) and do not end until our last child has been put to bed (around 7:30 pm). On any given day the tasks that you will be asked to perform will vary widely. You may be called upon to conduct a class, soothe a child who has just scraped his knee, design an art project, pitch in with bath time, or help tutor a child.

Our main goal at the Children’s Village is to ensure that our children feel loved and valued each and every day. In short, this may be the most difficult and the most rewarding work you have ever done. 


Volunteer Requirements

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please keep in mind the following:

  • We are unable to host volunteers who are under 21 years of age without a chaperone.
  • Our minimum length of term for volunteers is 3 weeks. This is a strict requirement as it takes at least three weeks to become accustomed to our routine and develop meaningful relationships with the children. 
  • We are in particular need of volunteers from March to May and September to December.


Want to lean more? Click here for our Volunteer Information Packet or contact Jasara, our Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@tanzanianchildrensfund.org

Please keep in mind that our Volunteer Coordinator is located at RVCV in Tanzania, where internet and email connections can be unreliable. If you have not received a response within three working days, please reach out again or contact our US Managing Director, Natalie Pruell, at natalie@tanzanianchildrensfund.org.