Then and Now

Bobo and Boazi

Bottle no more – Bobo entered into the big boy world this past January when he started Kindergarten at Gyetighi Primary School. The only change between these two pictures is size – Bobo continues to look up to Boazi as a big brother and role model. Although Boazi is graduating from Oldeani Secondary School at the end of 2019, we have no doubt these two will always have a special bond. 

Dickson, Boni, Mama Selena

A diaper duo no one can ignore. Mama Selena helped Dickson and Boni take their first steps outside of Rubundo House…and once they got the hang of this walking thing, there was no stopping them. Boni and Dickson are two of the most active kids at RVCV. If you don’t see them tearing through the dusty roads on our RVCV bicycles, you can find them sliding in the mud, running after every loose soccer ball.

Rahim, Jackson, Sharifa

It’s hard to believe that these tumbling toddlers are all grown up! Rahim began his first year at Oldeani Secondary School this year and is adapting well to a new environment. Jackson is in his final year at Gyetighi Primary School, and Sharifa is a Form 2 student, studying hard for the Tanzanian National Exam! Ten years later, you can still feel the warmth radiating from those incredible smiles!

Manyara House – Mama Jengala, Mama Sophia, Kizzie, Grace, Edina

We dare you to find a better crew than these 5! Mama Jengala and Mama Sophia used to care for our young girls in Manyara House and believe it or not, they still do today! Both Mamas continue to provide endless love and support to the girls of Serengeti House. Although Edina now lives in Tarangire House, she is right around the corner! With 6 months left at Oldeani Secondary School, she is inching closer to pursuing her dream of attending law school.

Gabby and Micha

These twins have been stuck together like PB&J since they arrived at RVCV. Seven years later, nothing has changed! The only thing Micha may love more than soccer is spending time with his sister Gabby. Gabby and Micha are enjoying their final year at Gyetighi Primary School, preparing for the Standard 7 National Exam and a big transition to high school next year.