The Spirit of Community

by TCF’s Board Chair, Jody Drake

It takes a village to prepare for the holidays at RVCV, and I had the good fortune of witnessing this firsthand last December during a visit. It was both heartwarming and thrilling to be in the midst of all of the action alongside India and the children, staff, volunteers and community members who joined together to celebrate with us. The week  before Christmas, the entire village comes to life with anticipation and activities. Thanks to the logistical genius of India and Grace (our Microfinance Director), what could have been total chaos was instead a joyful flurry of  preparations, with everyone pitching in to help.

Creating family traditions is serious business at RVCV, so there were stockings to prepare, small gift bags to  assemble, and lots of treats to bake and decorate. A particularly cherished ritual at RVCV is the Christmas Day talent show. Volunteers are busy all week helping the children practice their songs and dances, and it is great fun to watch everyone prepare so seriously for their performances, all of which are delivered with a great amount of enthusiasm.

However, it is during the outdoor Christmas Day feast, with everyone joined together under a beautiful bright-blue Rift Valley sky, that one truly gets a sense for how this community has become a place of hope and joy. There are smiles and laughter everywhere, adults are cooking over fires, children are helping prepare the vegetables and playing games, and everyone is experiencing a moment of satisfaction, knowing that all will be sleeping with full hearts tonight.

Because of the support, commitment, patience, and love of so many, this corner of the world will continue to feel a little more like Christmas every day. Thank you for making this possible.