The Little Moments

“What does a typical day in Tanzania look like?” is probably the question I am asked most. I always begin my answer by describing the amazing forever family created for the 101 children who call the Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV) home. By the time I have outlined the work at our two partner schools serving over 900 students, detailed the quality of care we provide in treating 11 patients each day at our Rural Community Health Clinic, and proudly shared the successes of our 720 microfinance clients, I have already tested the limits of the average human attention span. 

However, in describing the holistic approach that makes the Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF) successful in building a brighter future, I don’t often have the opportunity to convey the thousands of little moments that make TCF special.

It is moments like witnessing an RVCV House Mama watch our Form 4 children graduate from Oldeani Secondary School, humbly aware that her 15 years of love and support have made this milestone possible. Moments seeing our children’s faces glow with pride when they realize they have just conquered the fear of riding a bicycle. Moments admiring the quiet confidence of a shy young girl who raises her hand, despite the stares of her classmates, because her teachers have encouraged her to dream big.

It is moments like experiencing a local mother’s joy as she celebrates her son’s 1st birthday, thankful for the support she received from TCF that allowed her son to recover from a near-fatal illness. 

All of these moments, big and small, seen and unseen, are only possible with your help. Whether your contribution helps fund the $10,000 that empowers entrepreneurs to improve their businesses, the $21,000 needed for medical supplies, the $82,000 dedicated to teacher salaries, the $160,000 used to feed all the children at RVCV, or the many little moments that fill our $2.1 million budget, know it is you who makes our days both special and successful