Our Extended Family

We are lucky to have a vibrant volunteer program at the Rift Valley Children’s Village that last year added over 80 people to our ever-growing extended family. Volunteers come to us from all over the world with the common interest of having a positive impact on our children and community.

Staying anywhere from 3-weeks to 6-months, each volunteer helps us achieve our mission of providing a loving home to our 97 children and brighter futures to the more than 30 additional children who are served directly by RVCV-based initiatives. Our volunteer program is designed to ensure that our children benefit from the unique skills of each of our volunteers. But more often than not, our volunteers leave having had a life-altering experience of their own. An experience that not only keeps them coming back year after year, but also recruiting friends and family to follow their lead and join our family. In fact, 16 of our volunteers from December-August of 2018 had heard about us from a friend or family member. 

In a world of nearly 8 billion people, we are often shocked by the six degrees of separation we experience with our volunteers here at RVCV. Below are just a few stories of how volunteers have joined us and how our RVCV family has meshed with their own:

Isa, a third time volunteer, and Lucia, a first time volunteer, are both currently at RVCV. Hailing from Madrid, Lucia heard about RVCV from her mother, who is a friend of Isa. Also joining Isa on her latest trip? Her mother, Josefa!

Pooh, who has been volunteering at RVCV since the very beginning, was in the lobby of a hotel in Wyoming when she noticed another woman sporting a TCF t-shirt. The woman ended up being the mother of a former volunteer Cynthia.

Cynthia learned about RVCV when she began dating Kyle, who volunteered with us for the first time back in 2015. Since Kyle’s time at RVCV, he has recruited his mother Dale, who now volunteers for 3-months every year, his father, girlfriend, and friend Julia to join our RVCV family.

Speaking of returning volunteers, Susan first volunteered at RVCV in 2016. The following year, her husband Michael joined her for her 3-week stay. Now it isn’t January unless Michael is teaching his 10-day MBA course to our recent Form 4 grads while Susan is covering playtime with the little ones and cooking a special dinner for the girls in Manyara House.

Michael and Susan aren’t the only volunteers who have come to us as a family. Cackie, who was classmates with Mama India, joined our volunteer family in 2018 with her daughter. This coming December, her son will be joining us for the holidays! 

Interested in volunteering at RVCV? Email our Volunteer Coordinator, Jasara, for more details: volunteer@tanzanianchildrensfund.org