Spring School Updates

Updates from Gyetighi Primary School

In February, our Standard 4 and Standard 7 students received their National Examination results, and once again Gyetighi Primary School did incredibly well! Standard 4 students ranked second in the district (missing out on the top position by just 0.5 %!), and Standard 7 had another 100% pass rate, with most students receiving a B grade average or higher.

In mid-April, we interviewed candidates for our 2016-2017 student teacher program.  In addition to providing an invaluable resource at Gyetighi Primary School, our student teachers lodge at RVCV in order provide support to our House Mamas and help mentor our children. Through this program, we are building future teachers for Gyetighi and Oldeani Secondary School, who are excited to promote our vision for education.

In May, we had the first of our Professional Development Training Days for teachers at Gyetighi. Two areas of need we have identified are differentiated teaching (learning to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners), and teaching pedagogies that give students agency and maximize their opportunities for student learning conversations. Our goal is to make sure that the needs of ALL students are met and to empower our teachers to be their best so that their inspiration and motivation can be passed on to both their students and their colleagues.

Updates from Oldeani Secondary School

We are excited about the learning opportunities that will arise once the science lab and library interiors are complete.  Given that the language of instruction is English and many students struggle to understand what is written in their textbooks, hands-on teaching approaches that can take place in these new spaces are crucial.

Oldeani library

We are also thrilled to be making more hires! In July, we’ll be employing a School Manager, who has experience working in the government system to provide additional supervision of teachers. The school manager will look to support leadership and ensure teachers are fulfilling their responsibilities.