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The Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV or the Children’s Village) provides a permanent and loving home for 101 orphaned and at-risk children. Nestled among rolling coffee plantations in the Karatu region of Northern Tanzania, the Children’s Village is an oasis of laughter and joy.

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In 2007 TCF partnered with the Tanzanian government to manage the local primary school, Gyetighi Primary, with the goal of improving educational outcomes and ensuring that local students had a solid foundation for secondary school. Based on our success at Gyetighi Primary, in 2013 the Tanzanian government requested that we take over management of Oldeani Secondary School as well. This partnership will provide local students with an affordable and high-quality option for secondary school for the first time.

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In our rural and hilly area of Tanzania, access to health care is all but non-existent. The nearest hospital is more than three hours away by foot. Not only is distance a barrier to care, a visit to a doctor is often prohibitively expensive. Recognizing the acute need for affordable, high-quality medical care, TCF runs a free Rural Community Health Clinic staffed by our full-time registered nurse, and partners with FAME (Foundation for African Medicine and Education) to provide bi-monthly health clinics.

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On the coffee plantations surrounding our community, the average household income is $300 a year. Daily income is $2 when there is work–usually picking coffee. Poverty is a fact of life and opportunity is in staggeringly short supply. Recognizing that economic empowerment is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty, in 2008 TCF created a microfinance program designed to give local entrepreneurs the training, support and microloans needed to operate small businesses.

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