Our Newest Holiday

March 18, 2019 is a date that will forever be remembered. Well, maybe only for all children under 8 at the Rift Valley Children’s Village, as it marks the date that we opened our new playground!

A fun new playground is sure to bring excitement to any group of toddlers, but our new playground had an impact that stemmed far beyond the sheer joy it created. It worked to further unite the 30 children participating in our Daycare Program.

Whether they are in preschool or toddler time; new to the program or have grown-up spending their days with us, the playground has opened their eyes to new adventures they can all share together. Turning these joyful children into pirate ship captains, rock-wall mountain climbers, and see-saw kangaroos!

So if it is a day that further bonds our happy children, we are ready to make it an official RVCV holiday!