Our Growing Family of Volunteers

“When my son Kyle first told me that he had submitted an application to volunteer in Tanzania for five months, I honestly was not thrilled. But when he started sharing stories about the children and what his days were like, the joy and excitement in his voice made me understand what attracted him to volunteering at RVCV. By the time he was back in the US, I had already made my arrangements for my first volunteer trip. I loved it so much that I just completed an additional three-month stay!” – Dale Mallet

Each year, the Rift Valley Children’s Village relies on over 60 volunteers to help keep activities running and make sure that every one of our kids receives the love and personal attention they deserve. Volunteers develop lasting relationships with the children they help care for and many continue to come back year after year.

RVCV volunteers are also our best ambassadors, as they are quick to share their natural enthusiasm for the work being done at the Children’s Village. Word of mouth has led to an ever-growing family of volunteers as friends, families and neighbors become eager to see for themselves what the fuss is all about.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rose, at volunteer@tanzanianchildrensfund.org