Onward & Upward

Our most recent Form Four graduates have started enrolling in their higher educations. These big dreamers and over-achievers are spreading out across the country to seek out the best opportunities to build a bright, unique future.

Here are their plans for the road ahead:

Simon Samwel: As the most talkative and outgoing of our graduates (with Swedi Halifa a close second), Simon is also an academic star. He applied and was accepted into St. Amadeus Secondary School in Moshi for A-Levels. He hopes to work in Finance or Economics after earning his degree. But truthfully, we totally see him hosting a charismatic TV show – maybe something like Mad Money with Jim Cramer!

Swedi Halifa: After scoring well above-average on his National Exam, our charming and ever-practical Swedi dreams of becoming a successful businessman. In fact, Swedi jokes that Math is his favorite subject because he will need it to count all of the money he plans to earn! This year, Swedi will study Business Administration at St. Augustine University where he will not only receive the standard college curriculum, but will be provided specialized training in finance, accounting and banking!

Nuruana Joel: The government surprised many students and parents last year with a new rule that a student must pass Physics to pursue any nursing or medical degree. Determined to make Nuruana’s dreams of working in the medical field a reality, we luckily found one school that is helping students overcome this barrier by offering Physics and Math courses ahead of the degree programs so that students who didn’t take or pass these subjects in secondary school can still qualify for higher education. Although St. David College of Health Services in Dar es Salaam is far from home, it has the resources students need to learn and pass Physics (even when being taught in their second language!). Our resilient Nuruana is not going to let anything get in the way of her building a career around helping others be healthy as a Clinical Officer!

Evalina Stephano: With dreams of working in politics, Evalina is passionate about improving the quality of life for her fellow Tanzanians. Evalina says that if she is elected to office, the first law she would pass is to make education free and mandatory through Form 6. This year, Evalina will attend Moshi Cooperative University for Accounting in order to learn the skills she needs to balance government budget.

Julius Margwe: Athletic and bright, Julius is a natural leader who dreams of building things he is proud of. This year, Julius will enroll at Arusha Technical College for Engineering, where he will be provided the training and skills he needs to accomplish his life-long dream of building, creating, and designing.

Paulo Josephat: Paulo is ready for the next step in his education. A master at Monopoly, Paulo has natural business instincts and is a Math wizard. This year, Paulo will enroll at St. Augustine University for Business Administration where he will be able to refine and develop his natural ability in order to graduate with the skills and knowledge he needs to be a successful businessman.

Ester Sarja: Ester, who is as stylish and savvy as they come, hopes to one day work in Marketing and Advertising. Determined and outgoing, this year, Ester will enroll at College of Business Education in Mbeya to study Sales and Marketing where she will receive the training and skills she needs to become a Marketing guru.


Christina John: A natural care-giver, Christina has been a great help with the little kids in daycare during her break from school. Truly one-of-a-kind, Christina plans to study Community Development in order to help improve outcomes for her fellow Tanzanians. This year, Christina will enroll at Institute of Community Development – Tengeru and take the next big step in realizing her dream.

Ismail Abdallah and Chedi Althuman: Star students, Ismail and Chedi, braved interviews among 1,000’s of applicants in a sports stadium for a chance to study at the best Secondary School in the country, Marian School for Boys in Bagamoyo. Just north of Dar es Salaam, this school has an incredible reputation to match the ambitions of these two students. Though we are not surprised they were accepted, the accomplishment is not to be understated! In March, they began a Pre-Form Five class and will continue on to the A-Levels. Chedi hopes to become a doctor and Ismail dreams of becoming an engineer.