On The Rise

Six years-ago, when we began our partnership co-managing Oldeani Secondary School (OSS), only 3% of Form 4 students were passing the all-important National Exam. So this year, we were overjoyed to see a pass rate of 81%! Increasing over 14% in a single year, these results help show that we are making major strides in creating a brighter future for a generation of students. 

But exam scores are just one factor in evaluating student success. We sat down with the OSS School Manager, Mr. Marsham, to better understand how the school has transformed since the start of our partnership. Mr. Masham begins by saying that while the improvement in test scores allows OSS to be competitive in regional and national rankings, he is most focused on overall student well-being. He explains that not only are students happier at school, but they are also showing up ready to learn with attendance currently at a record high of 98%, a 10% increase compared to previous years. 

In a region where annual incomes can fall short of $300, many parents see education as secondary. To increase attendance and better student outcomes, we have been working with the OSS community to shift cultural perspectives towards continued learning and education. Over the past few years, the OSS staff have taken an active role in ensuring education remains the top priority for OSS students and their parents. “The school culture has improved. Positive learning and positive thinking,” Mr. Marsham explains. Mr. Marsham excitedly shares that attendance at parent’s meetings has more than tripled over the past five years, highlighting that the community is buying into the importance of putting a child’s education first.

With a growing number of students inside the classroom ready to learn, Mr. Marsham believes that TCF’s investment in the development of teachers is another key factor behind OSS’s recent success.  At OSS, teachers are not only equipped with resources and supplies, but they also each take part in professional development training in order to best serve students. 

OSS is making a name for itself as a standout school in the region while student enrollment continues to climb. As we celebrate these milestones, our commitment to ensuring equal access to a quality education for children in our community is only reinforced. After witnessing just how much positive change has been achieved over the past six years, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.