New Kid on the Block

TCF’s new Education Director, Timothy Kerr, chats with secondary student Alex Ingi, about his transition to higher learning.

“In secondary school, I have to study hard because it’s no longer just A-B-C,” said Alex, who this year made the move from Standard 7 at Gyetighi Primary School to Form 1 at Oldeani Secondary. “Luckily, I love to study.”

I asked Alex if he’s always loved school, and he simply laughs. “Well, when I was younger, I was so bad. I never listened to the teacher and was always doing my own thing.” Now, Alex is a School Prefect, and his responsibilities include supervising student activities, helping teachers ensure that students are following the school rules, and being a role model. “It’s not hard,” he says, “I just have to know when to joke and when to be serious.”

In response to what advice he would give this year’s Standard 7 class, Alex said “be prepared to study hard. You need to create a schedule that includes time to play and time to study.” Having witnessed the two sides of Alex—a focused student who takes his Prefect role seriously—and the Alex who plays soccer and is always up to crazy antics at RVCV, I’d say he’s got the balance just right.