Meet our Toddlers!

Our kids are growing up fast, but there’s still a long way to go before our toddlers are adults.
Your continued support is important in securing their future!


Jacob will turn 3 years old in February along with his twin brother and fellow toddler, Esau. He happily jabbers away in Swahili, English and gibberish these days.

Jacob is also proving himself to be a natural athlete. He enjoys playing soccer and baseball, even if he is playing by himself.


Esau will turn 3 in February. Esau is a precocious toddler who is happier coloring or reading with a volunteer than playing with balls.

He loves cars—as do all the toddlers—but Esau is the one you have to keep you eye on when a car pulls into the driveway!


Flavian will turn 4 in February, and is a real boy’s boy. He loves playing and tumbling around in the dirt. Even after a good spill, Flavian rarely cries.

He is a very tough kid, but is generous with his kisses and is quick to comfort his fellow toddlers whenever they have a case of the tears.


Kizzie will turn 4 in September, and she has a tremendous amount of spunk for such a little person!

She loves all things “Princess,” and you can usually find her wandering around RVCV in her tutu—sometimes with her best friend Paskalina. But even on her own, she’s always able to create some kind of mischief!