Meet Our New Student Teachers!

Every February, stacks of Student Teacher applications are delivered to the desk of our Education Director, reminding us of the tremendous amount of talent within our region. All applicants have one common dream: to do whatever it takes to continue their education. Over the years, Tanzanian Children’s Fund has provided post-secondary scholarships to over 70 bright young men and women in return for a one-year teaching commitment at Gyetighi Primary School. Deciding which candidates are “most” passionate or “most” enthusiastic about teaching at our partner schools is never easy. However, this year’s class is unique. Four out of five of our Student Teachers attended both Gyetighi Primary School and Oldeani Secondary School, and all five have grown up in nearby communities! We are very excited to welcome a group of educators who are familiar with the needs of the Oldeani Ward and are dedicated to ensuring that Tanzania’s next generation has the best possible chance of success.

Dickson Edward

Dickson grew up on the Kiran Coffee Estate with his mother, father, and six siblings! As one of seven, Dickson had to find ways to balance his time helping around the house and focusing on his school work. As a young student, Dickson demonstrated a strong work ethic and excelled at Gyetighi Primary School. In 2015 he graduated on to Oldeani Secondary School, where he received a scholarship from TCF to live in our Oldeani Hostel housing. The hostel allowed Dickson to spend more time studying, as he no longer had to walk two hours to and from school.

Dickson will be teaching at Gyetighi Primary School this year and hopes to assist with his favorite subjects, Math and Geography. In the future, he aspires to be a wildlife veterinarian because of his love for animals. We are excited to welcome Dickson back into our TCF Family!

Elizabeth Silvester

Elizabeth grew up in the nearby TEC Coffee region with her three sisters and five brothers! As one of nine children, Elizabeth recognized the importance of studying hard and pursuing scholarship opportunities when possible. After completing her studies at Oldeani Secondary School, Elizabeth applied to become a Student Teacher with hopes to later attend business school in Mwanza. Determined to succeed, she said, “I want to reach my targets and goals so that I can help my family and relatives to live a satisfactory life.” Elizabeth will spend her time at Gyetighi Primary School assisting teachers with their lesson plans and helping the kids improve their English. In the future, Elizabeth hopes to become an Accountant. We cannot wait to see her dreams take flight!

Jackline Petro

Jackie grew up in the Oldeani community with her mother, father, and five siblings! From a young age, Jackie was familiar with the Rift Valley Children’s Village through her mother’s work as a House Mama in Tarangire House. Jackie’s strong English skills set her apart at Gyetighi Primary School. After completing secondary school in Oldeani, Jackie became a student teacher, which allowed her to attend an A-Level teaching school, Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School. Her motivation to become a Student Teacher a second time is to gain teaching experience and to pursue a teaching diploma at the college level. Jackie hopes to teach secondary school Geography, one of her favorite subjects, after she graduates from a college program. We are overjoyed to welcome a Student Teacher who has been a part of our family for many years!

Ninabahati Lawrence

Ninabahati (Nina) grew up with her parents and younger brother in the Karatu region. Nina excelled in primary and secondary school, achieving high marks that allowed her to apply to Advanced Levels. She attended Form 5 and Form 6 at Makambako Secondary School. Her motivation to become a Student Teacher is rooted in her passion for exchanging ideas and information. “I wanted to share different knowledge with others and to learn new things from them,” Nina said with excitement. Her favorite subject is Chemistry, and she hopes to study Pharmaceutical Science at the college level. In her free time, Nina enjoys singing, doing gymnastics, and creating art. We are so excited to have Nina to assist our students at Oldeani Secondary School this year!

Paskali Hamisi

Paskali grew up on the Kiran Coffee Estate with his mother, father, and six siblings! As a student at Gyetighi Primary School, Paskali worked hard to stand out amongst his peers, earning him a top spot in his Standard 7 class. He continued to excel at Oldeani Secondary School, especially in his favorite subjects: Math, Science, History, and Geography. After graduating last year from OSS, Paskali applied to be a Student Teacher so he could step closer to his dream of becoming a doctor. In his free time, Paskali enjoys playing soccer with the RVCV soccer team and speaking with our volunteers to improve his English. We look forward to sharing Paskali’s accomplishments with you in the near future!