Little Kids doing Big Things

When Prince Hamisi arrived for his first day of preschool at the Rift Valley Children’s Village, he was scared, shy, and did not speak any English. So, we knew our early childhood care and education initiative was creating change when we watched as Prince transformed into a little boy with more charisma than anyone knows what to do with, calling out “Can I have a push, please?!” from the swing-set in under a month.

Our focal points for this program have always been providing care, introducing a wider-world, encouraging creativity, and most importantly, having fun. However, we also wanted to ensure that we were setting these young minds up for future academic success.

When we received the end-of-term results from Gyetighi Primary School (GPS), we were eager to see how the most recent six preschool graduates performed in their first term of primary school. To our delight, Brayan, Elvis, Norbet, Kizzie, Flavi, and Prince were the top six students in the kindergarten class at GPS, with each student scoring above the 97th percentile.

Field trips to new places and being superheroes for the day will always be what makes this initiative special. But these results prove that we are building the foundation for future student success, all while enabling parents to continue their careers. A combination that will continue to fuel lasting change in our corner of the world.