Life at 15

As told by Christopher Paulo, Elia, Maria, Edina, Jackline, Neema Safari and Magdalena

We spoke with our 15 year olds, to get a bit of insight into what daily life looks like in the teenage years. In between peeling and cutting potatoes for that night’s dinner, here is what they had to say :

RVCV IN 15 WORDS: safe, lovely, caring, beautiful, helpful, good, wonderful, secure, home, amazing, family, peaceful, friendly, fun and awesome

15 THINGS THEY WANT TO ACCOMPLISH IN LIFE: travel, eat different foods, help others, get married, fall in love, have kids, get a job, be famous, get a promotion, drive cars, be rich, be happy, be peaceful, stop corruption, and protect and love animals

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE 15 YEARS OLD?: Grown up, fun, awesome, handsome and beautiful, hard (because of boys and girls), you help old people, you can be creative, it’s heaven because you know all the things, but still don’t have work like an adult

IF YOU HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU BUY?: New chupies (underwear in Kiswahili) everyday. (Keep in mind, our kids hand-wash their own clothes)