Jacob Clement

In 2008, Jacob Clement came to TCF after his graduation from Gyetighi Primary School determined to continue his education and attend secondary school. Bright, ambitious, and oozing with talent, we couldn’t say no to Jacob and his dreams.

While we searched for a sponsor to support him, we made Jacob our first and only Gyetighi Primary School Playground Manager. We had him move into Serengeti House, allowing him to earn money while having the space, support, and capacity to continue his studies at night.

Within a year, Jacob was enrolled in Form 1 at Makumera Secondary. Not only did Jacob graduate from Secondary School at the top of his class, with the support of TCF, Jacob earned his college diploma and achieved his dream of becoming a successful ranger in Serengeti National Park.

Seeing the success Jacob achieved, in 2011 his mother, Mama Maua, came to work at the Rift Valley Children’s Village in order to earn an income that would allow her to send her youngest son to secondary school. Having accomplished her goal, this year, Jacob built his mother a home to retire in.

By giving Jacob the opportunity to capitalize on his own ambition, we empowered him and his family to find a path out of generational poverty.