How to Help This Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about love, family, kindness, and giving. With around 25% or more of all annual giving in the U.S. occurring in the last 3 months of the year, we wanted to share some ways that you can support support TCF this holiday season:

Sponsor a House

A loving home to 101 vulnerable children, our Children’s Village has seven houses full of kids and young adults with ambitious dreams. Each house overflows with the constant love and care of our House Mamas and volunteers! By sponsoring one of our seven houses, you will build a long-lasting relationship with 10-12 children, providing them with the extra love and support they need. Through the exchange of photos, artwork, and letters, you will be able to experience their childhood and follow their development. A House Sponsor will receive 2 letters from one house child every year. Whether it be through the gift of education, health, childhood, or opportunity, your sponsorship will provide our kids with the confidence needed to take their next step in life. To learn more about sponsoring a house, email our Sponsorship and Digital Media Coordinator, Emily, today

Send a Student to College

At TCF, we believe that there is no greater gift than that of a quality education. With plans to support 59 students as they pursue higher education in 2020, we feel so fortunate to be able to encourage them through the college process and watch as they become thoughtful and ambitious young adults. But covering 59 college tuitions isn’t easy, and we need your help to ensure that all our children have the opportunity to earn their degrees! From providing a laptop necessary for their studies for $300, up to $3,500 to cover a student’s whole tuition, no gift is too small to help build brighter futures for our grown-up kids. Check out the College Gift Shop here.

Keep our Children’s Village Running

From breakfast to bath time, caring for all 97 of our kids requires a lot of work… and supplies! Luckily, RVCV is staffed by amazing, hardworking people who ensure all 101 of our children are well cared for. But we can’t do it alone. $440 will feed our 101 children for one day, while $4,400 will allow us to serve nutritious dinners for an entire month! $1,800 will cover the annual salary of a House Mama who helps keep RVCV running. In addition to performing all the cooking and cleaning for each children’s home, the RVCV Mamas help provide our children with the intangibles of childhood, acting as a consistent source of love and support. Shop our holiday gift shop to give gifts of childhood or make your donation to help keep RVCV running.

Support Our Community Programs

TCF believes that the solution to generational poverty involves helping the community as a whole. In addition to supporting our kids at RVCV and partnering with Gyetighi Primary and Oldeani Secondary School, TCF also invests in the community through initiatives like our Rural Community Health Clinic and Microfinance Program. With the nearest hospital over two hours away on foot, our Rural Community Health Clinic provides free medical care to everyone who needs it and serves over 11 people a day. Want to give our clinic the medicine it needs and provide care to those patients? For $55, you can fill our clinic with medical supplies for the day! TCF also supports the community by creating economic opportunity through our Microfinance program. For just $125 you can provide one of our microfinance clients with their initial loan and empower them to launch their own business! Shop our Holiday Gift Shop and give gifts of Opportunity and Health!