Growing Together

By Peter Leon Mmassy, Founder & Managing Director

The transformation we have seen in our community in such a short period of time is truly incredible. And while I am glad to be celebrating our many accomplishments, reflecting on the past only reminds me of all that we still have ahead.

When India and I first started our work together, it was about ensuring students stayed in primary school, that families had access to even the most basic medical care, and that our little ones made it to bath time.
Today, things are different. Ensuring our kids make it through college has replaced our worries about bath time. Currently financing over 37 college tuitions, mentoring, guiding, and supporting these young adults through every step of this chapter will continue to be a priority in the years ahead.

Meanwhile, our community has gone through a similar transition. Because we have made healthcare accessible, more children are surviving infancy and parents are staying healthy enough to care for them. Through our management of Gyetighi Primary School, more students than ever before are passing their exams and graduating Standard 7. Through economic empowerment, parents are now able to overcome the financial barriers of enrolling their children in secondary school.

To continue our success, our impact needs to grow as the needs of our community continue to develop and mature.

At Oldeani Secondary School, we are constantly building desks to accommodate the growing number of students. And soon, we will need to find a way to ensure that this growing cohort of Form 4 graduates are prepared for the road ahead, whether it be joining the workforce or continuing their educations in pursuit of a college diploma.

For the past 15 years, we have been giving our community the tools and support they need to survive. Now it’s time to give them the brighter futures we promised. While the challenges will be increasingly complex and more diverse in nature, the first 15 years has proven that together, we can leap any hurdle. That together, we can continue to transform a generation.