• TCF is a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, MA that provides support for the Rift Valley Children’s Village and other community-based programs in rural Tanzania.

  • The Rift Valley Children’s Village is a safe, loving and permanent home for marginalized children in Oldeani Ward, in Northern Tanzania. RVCV also serves as a hub from which a number of our community programs are run.

  • Ninety-seven children live full-time at our Children’s Village. These children are not up for adoption. India Howell and Peter Leon Mmassy serve as their legal guardians, and the Rift Valley Children’s Village is their permanent home and family.

    In addition, RVCV also cares for eleven children as part of the Kids Living with Relatives (KLR) program. These children are cared for during the day at the Children’s Village and are provided with funding for school and other resources necessary for them to thrive, including food, clothing, and medical care. 

  • No! We run a number of successful community development programs, including co-management with the local government of a local primary school and secondary school, a microfinance program and rural community health clinic. To read more about our community programs, click here

  • Yes! We always need clothing, school supplies, medicine and much more but we have a limited capacity for receiving donations and often have very specific needs, so please contact us to inquire about our current “wish list.” Thank you!

  • Our multi-faceted approach to community development as our biggest differentiator. TCF is committed to the development of the entire Oldeani community through a variety of programs including the Rift Valley Children’s Village, high-quality education, affordable healthcare, job training, and microfinance loans. The multi-pronged approach allows us to better serve the needs of the community, while addressing systemic poverty, and simultaneously creating change from the ground up.

  • TCF was founded in 2004 as a home for 17 marginalized children. Today, the magnitude of our impact has grown exponentially. We support many more children and run a number of successful community development programs. 

  • No. All of TCF’s programs are funded privately. Currently, the majority of our funding comes from supporters in the US but word is spreading and we are excited to extend our family of supporters around the globe.

    Contact us to discuss donor opportunities or learn about our crowd-funding opportunities, specifically designed for passionate people wanting to raise support for TCF through personal networks of family and friends.

  • We welcome all kinds of support, whether from individuals, families or organizations. You can volunteer at RVCV, donateSponsor a Child, or even run your very own fundraiser!

  • Visit our Volunteer page to read about the program. If you think volunteering is for you, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@tanzanianchildrensfund.org who will provide you with additional information about our program, answer any questions you may have and send you our volunteer application.

  • Sponsoring a child does more than provide the resources and tools to help our children succeed. Sponsorship creates a personal connection between the sponsors and the children they sponsor; this connection helps to ensure that our children know that they are loved and supported in their forever family at RVCV.

    General donations provide support for all of the our operations, and are directed toward the areas where they are most needed and will be used to their full potential.

  • Visit our Sponsorship page, fill out the form and make a tax-deductible donation. If you have a child in mind that you would like to sponsor, please make sure to include his or her name with your gift. If you do not have a child in mind, you will be matched with an undersponsored child by our Sponsorship Coordinator. 

    For questions about our Sponsorship program, please email our Sponsorship Coordinator at sponsor@tanzanianchildrensfund.org

  • Our kids love to receive letters from their sponsor. If you would like to send a letter, please send it directly to us in Tanzania at:
    c/o Child’s Name
    P.O. Box 1935
    Arusha, Tanzania

    If you wish to send a package or gift, please do so via our Cambridge, MA office and we will arrange for it to be transported to RVCV:
    Tanzanian Children’s Fund
    c/o Child’s Name
    9 Waterhouse Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138

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