Bringing the world of ideas to their fingertips

Gyetighi Primary School students now have an entire world of ideas at their fingertips, thanks to a gift of 62 brand-new Kindles! Reading is critical for language acquisition, so encouraging both students and teachers to read more in English is one of our goals at Gyetighi Primary School.

Thanks to a donation of Kindles by a generous donor, an entire class can now read the same book at the same time, which hasn’t been possible before! Even better, Kindles allow readers to easily look up the meaning of new words, which is a great way to build vocabulary.

“I am not sure what makes me happier: seeing older students reading English books in the library during their free time or watching the little kids reading a story in English for the first time.”
Chris Renno, Education Director

KindlesOur English teacher Larissa first trained our teachers to use the Kindles so that they could become comfortable using them and learn how to use them as teaching tools.

The teachers are currently using them with our Standard 6 class, and we will start using them with additional grades when school is back in session.

In rural Tanzania, reading for pleasure is often not encouraged and sometimes isn’t even an option.

The addition of the Kindles has fostered an interest in reading we have not seen before, and with titles available in both Swahili and English, everyone can find something that they love to read.

Thank you to all of our supporters who have worked to help our students and teachers improve their English!