Believe with Us

At any moment, Elibaraka Dawite could list 110 of all 195 countries. He could tell you about what makes a Basking Shark unique. He could name the largest lake in each of the seven continents. 

Elibaraka is one of the brightest 12-year-old boys we have ever met, but his gifted mind isn’t a rarity in our community. So many of the children growing up in the Oldeani region of Tanzania are smart, athletic, creative, and capable beyond measure.

The truth is the roughly 5,500 children we serve aren’t helpless. They were just born on the wrong side of the ever-present birth lottery, the side where opportunity always seems to fall short of talent.

From the beginning, the Tanzanian Children’s Fund has focused on building brighter futures. We have refused to stop at simply treating the symptoms of generational poverty for we believe all children deserve more than the basics like food and shelter. They deserve annual physicals, dedicated teachers, and college diplomas.

So when Elibaraka tells us that a bat is the only mammal that can fly, we believe him. Because we believe in all of our children. We believe in their rights, in their futures, and in their ability to change the world.

We hope you will believe with us.