Because of Lucia

Two years ago, Lucia began refusing all help in coping with the aftermath of the trauma she faced before joining our family. Her struggles left her unable to attend school, most days refusing to go. Even when persuaded to attend, her behavior was often so disruptive that even our most understanding teachers didn’t know what to do.

To ensure her dreams were not sacrificed, we hired a tutor to continue Lucia’s education at home while we leveraged every resource available to give her the help and emotional support she needed. Most days weren’t easy, but as a family we supported Lucia no matter how hard she fought back.

Nearly a year later, we encouraged Lucia attend the Gyetighi Primary School graduation in hopes it would inspire and get her excited about the possibility of returning to school.

It worked. This year, Lucia graduated from Gyetighi Primary School, passing her National Exam with flying colors. Now, Lucia is not only ready to take on secondary school, but says she already has her eye on attending college. With her talent, perseverance, and a family to support her at every turn, we know that even her wildest dreams are within reach.

Stories like Lucia’s remind us that with your support, we can continue to help our children and community overcome any obstacle in their path toward a brighter future.