A Song of Family, by Doctor

My name is Doctor, and you may have seen me on 60 Minutes or remember me from when I visited the US earlier this year. I was Mama India’s first child, and over the past thirteen years, I have gone from being an only child to having 96 brothers and sisters.

My family may be unconventional, but even in the most chaotic moments, I wouldn’t want to call any other place home. When I come back from school for the holidays, I am always reminded of how lucky I am. I have a Mom and Dad who push me to follow my passions, brothers to play soccer with, and sisters to confide in.

“Family,” a song written and recorded by Doctor

When I look out at the yard and see my siblings playing, or go to the kitchen to find the toddlers decorating holiday cookies, I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I am not the only one who will grow up to realize that they were given a second chance at childhood. I know that I—along with my siblings—will always be proud to call RVCV home.

I wrote this song and performed it for my Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters and for all those who have been a part of our family. I hope you enjoy hearing about my family as I see it.

This is my family.