A Family of 101

On Saturday, October 26th the Rift Valley Children’s Village welcomed 4 new children to be part of our forever family.  A set of two-year-old triplets and a darling 3-year-old boy, Jetruda, John, Elizabeth and Emmanuel, were greeted by their 97 brothers and sisters in a welcome filled with so much love and excitement.

As a family with 101 children, we are honored to introduce you to Jetruda, John, Elizabeth and Emmanuel:

Jetruda Idrisa

Birthday: December 23, 2016

Jetruda’s contagious laugh and animated personality has already caught the attention of her younger siblings at RVCV, who love to tickle and play with her. Jetruda loves playing outside and dancing to music.

John Idrisa

Birthday: December 23, 2016

John is slowly becoming more confident and playful with the help of his big brothers in Manyara House! John is a curious little boy who we know will love joining our Early Childhood Care and Education Program classes in a few weeks!

Elizabeth Idrisa

Birthday: December 23, 2016

Eliza is quieter than her sister Jetruda but when they play together, her personality shines through as a curious baby who loves to touch everything and explore all corners of Serengeti House.

Emmanuel Peter

Birthday: January 4, 2016 

Ema was embraced by his new brothers and sisters as they anxiously awaited his arrival, ready to show him his new bedroom in Manyara House. Ema has already shown an interest in reading, drawing and playing with his new friends: Dickson, Bobo and Esau.