2020 RVCV Clubs

The 2020 school year for the kids at the Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV) is off to a great start!  With every new academic semester, we launch new clubs to help widen horizons outside of the classroom! Every other Saturday afternoon, our secondary kids participate in various organized activities where they have the chance to explore new skills, get active and have fun. 

Check out our 2020 club lineup below:  

Sports Club, led by Social Worker, Gabby 

In Sports Club, the kids participate in a variety of sports and games, including football, volleyball, bike riding, basketball, cards and more. While sports in Tanzania are usually single gender, Sports Club puts girls and boys on the same team, encouraging the development of good communication skills. Teacher Gabby hopes that the kids will build their teamwork skills in his club. 

Hiking and Outdoors Club, led by Social Work Intern, Virginie

Virginie leads the kids on various scenic hikes and bike rides through the rolling hills that surround RVCV. The club will prompt the kids to exercise and also explore and enjoy the natural beauty around them. On rainy days, the students will learn about camping and practice setting up tents. On the final club session, the kids will plan and enjoy an outdoor picnic. Virginie hopes the teens will learn to be adventurous and, from long hikes, practice good conversation skills.  

Movie Making Club, led by Digital Media and Sponsorship Coordinator, Rachel

Rachel is guiding her club members through the process of making a film, from pre-production to filming to post-production editing. The club is aimed at giving our kids practice in creative writing and public speaking, while also helping develop their confidence. Club members, who are currently working on script writing, scene planning and costume design, have already decided the central plot of the movie. The film will follow witches and wizards with super-powers, some who are good and some who are evil. Which side will prevail at the end? Stay tuned!

Music Club, led by Microfinance Development Manager, Arturo 

Arturo is excited to teach his club members the basic principles of music, including genre, harmony, rhythm, etc. The kids will also get hands-on-experience playing the guitar. Arturo, a guitar player himself, hopes to inspire his kids to pursue music in their own lives.