15 Things Happening In Education Right Now

By Alex Behan, Education Director

The first three months at Oldeani and Gyetighi schools were certainly jam packed! In a nod to our 15th Anniversary, here are 15 highlights among many from the recent months: 

OUTSTANDING EXAM RESULTS – At Gyetighi Primary School the students continue to excel in exam results. Not one Standard 4 student scored below average on their National Exams.

NEW EDUCATION DIRECTOR – We sadly said goodbye to the wonderful Mr. Tim in January. Since, we have welcomed Mr. Alex, who already feels at home at The Village and is enjoying life working with the teachers and students. 

PEER OBSERVATIONS – Teachers have been observing their peers and giving feedback on how they can better themselves. This powerful reflective learning tool has identified a passion among teachers for more creativity in lessons!

TWO TEACHER SEMINARS AT GYETIGHI PRIMARY SCHOOL – Teachers at GPS take great passion in the performance of their school. To ensure we continue to improve, we’ve held two seminars to provide training on changes to the school curriculum, effective lesson planning, and new teaching languages for younger learners.

POSITIVE DISCIPLINE SEMINAR AT OLDEANI SECONDARY SCHOOL – Using a range of techniques, our Education Director promoted positive discipline models with teachers, giving them tips on how they can better manage their classrooms.  

CHANGE IN LEARNING CULTURE AT OLDEANI  SECONDARY SCHOOL – With a new thirst for learning and personal development among teachers, we launched a ‘teacher learning strategy’ for this academic year, designed to increase teacher support and mentoring.  

BASKETBALL WORKSHOP – Sport should be accessible by all genders!  We ran a basketball workshop with female students teaching not just about basketball, but the importance of teamwork, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

CELEBRATIONS – Academic achievements need to be acknowledged. With this in mind, there have been multiple presentations and parties for students who totally deserve it!