100% pass rate on Standard 7 Exams!

We are extremely proud to announce that 100% of Gyetighi’s Standard 7 students passed the National Examination – and with flying colors!

98% of students scored an “A” or “B” average on the exam, and over 70% of students received an “A” on the English section. These scores are unheard of for most schools in Tanzania, as nationwide only an average of 30% of students even receive a passing score on the English section. Even better, our RVCV graduates all received “A” or “B” averages on the overall exam and 90% received an “A” in English!

Taking the National Examination is a nerve-wracking moment in these students’ lives as they have only one chance to pass it in order to move on to public secondary school. Given how important secondary school is to future success, receiving a good score is critically important.

Thanks to YOU, they did it, and all 54 students now have the opportunity to continue their education and pursue a brighter future.

Your support allowed us to hire and train more teachers, purchase additional text books, add after-school programs, tutor struggling students, and improve school infrastructure. Your investments in our school played a key role in our students’ success, and we are grateful for your partnership.

Std 7
But don’t worry…we’re not “all work and no play” at TCF. Our ten Standard 7 graduates recently returned from a trip to Pangani on Tanzania’s northeast coast. This was the furthest they had ever traveled and was their first time seeing the Indian Ocean. In addition to rewarding them for their hard work, the aim of this trip was to build their life skills – including teaching every child how to swim!

Thank you for being a part of this very happy success story!