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The Rift Valley Children's Village

By the Numbers
 92 children live at RVCV
86 Tanzanian staff employees
6 expats employed
60 volunteers each year
7 children's houses on site

The Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV or the Children’s Village) currently provides a permanent and loving home for 92 
orphaned and at-risk children.

Nestled among rolling coffee plantations in the Karatu region of Northern Tanzania, the Children’s Village is an oasis of laughter and joy. The Children’s Village staff works with local village leaders to identify the children in the surrounding community most in need of the safe haven RVCV can provide. From the moment they step through the gates, these children are no longer orphans – they become permanent members of the RVCV family. We prepare them to become informed, resourceful, and responsible citizens in their community and throughout Tanzania.

A team of Tanzanian social workers, international staff, and volunteers work with each child to ensure that they are physically and emotionally cared for and that they have the opportunity to learn and grow into responsible, happy, healthy adults. When they arrive, our children often suffer from malnutrition, weakened immune systems, and emotional scars. However, almost immediately, the healing process begins. Living together – doing chores alongside the Tanzanian housemothers and reading books with the volunteers – the children become members of a unique community which balances laughter and learning in equal measure.

Organized around a family model, the children live together in houses of twelve, with three Tanzanian house-mothers, one Tanzanian student teacher, and two international volunteers. 

Life at the Children’s Village is structured yet relaxed – hours spent tutoring are inter-mixed with hours spent playing soccer and finger painting. Above all else, the Children’s Village is a place where every child receives the individual attention and unconditional love that allows them to thrive.

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